If you look for a new pool in San Antonio, you’re likely to run into a member of the Zars family. With three separate pool companies and common last names, it can get a bit confusing. Allow us to explain- 

Leif Zars started Gary Pools in 1954 in San Antonio Texas. Over the years he created and many processes that are industry standards for Pools across America. He has designed and perfected lifesaving measures over the years while introducing his children to the family business. All three sons-Keith, Gary & Leif II started out working at Gary Pools, learning, helping and growing the business.

Eventually Keith and Gary went out on their own, each company specializing in different markets.  Gary’s Pool and Patio was opened in 1979 by Gary Zars, focusing on Hot Tubs & Fiberglass Pools. Keith Zars Pools was opened in 1985 by Keith Zars, focusing on High End Residential Pools. Both Keith and Gary have had success focusing on their individual market segments.

Leif II took over Gary Pools in 2018 and Gary Pools success continues to be from focusing on the value driven customer. Our market segment aligns best with homeowners who are focused on the best value when purchasing a pool. Value to us means the most pool for the money with the lowest cost of ownership and that retains the most value over time, and of course it has to look stunning! 

Take a look at our timeline: