Unparalleled Structural Confidence

A Smarter Structure - Proven Strength !

Unparallelled Structural Confidence

In the 1960s the founder Leif Zars, built his pool in Terrell Hills, an expansive soil condition area, using a common beam pool approach.

It was crushed and completely failed!

The clay filled soil expanded with enormous pressure on the pool causing the failure.

As an engineer he took to solving the problem and has applied his solution to the Gary Pools Method since.

Expansive Soil Conditions 

Central San Antonio and areas such as Alamo Heights, Terrell Hills, and around IH35 towards New Braunfels suffer from some of the worst Texas soil conditions.

Unfortunately home foundations repair companies are very busy in these areas.

If soil in these areas are tough on a foundation, imagine how tough they are on a pools structure!

An Egineered Solution

Many structural changes where made, the most significant was the addition of the cantilever beam. By elongating the beam, structural rigidity was increased by over 800%.

The elongated beam doubles as a integrated walkway, adding value to the project. In a sense,  you get structural strength that doubles as a walkway around the pool.

In addition, the coping and tile no longer fail do to adjacent decking movement. The cantilever insulates the coping and tile from any stresses applied by surrounding structures.

Structural Strength Comparison


Cantilever Beam

Typical Beam Pool

Water Pressure

250,560 lb.

52,200 lb.

Earth Pressure

501,120 lb.

62,640 lb.

Gary Pools Cantilever

  • 8x the strength
  • Doubles as a walkway
  • Insulates Tile & Coping from adjacent deck movement

Typical Beam

  • Not strong enough for expansive soils
  • Beam is primarily underground, providing no walkway
  • If adjacent deck moves coping failure is much more likely

Cantilever Patent

Truly pioneering the swimming pool construction process, Gary Pools’s innovative solution to extream expansive soil conditions can be seen via the U.S. Patent filled in 1963!

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