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If you’re considering adding a swimming pool to your home, you might be considering fiberglass as an option. But why? The common answer is it is less expensive, but this is not necessarily true.

There are so many advantages with a concrete pool. Taking the time to get to know Gary Pools and all the advantages that come with our pool is well worth it.


Speak with our designers to learn which pool type is best for you!

Is fibergalss right for me?

Will you ever sell your home?

Fiberglass pools do not hold thier value as well as concrete pools do. So when it comes time to sell and the relator asks if it is a fiberglass pool, expect you asking price to drop.

Who will resurface my pool?

Its straange, but as of 2019 Googleing “Fiberglass pool resurfacing” does  not produce any local results? If there was a cost-effective way to resurface a fiberglass pool, then companies would exist who do this, but they don’t. At least not in San Antonio as of 2019. Try it out, just google “Fiberglass Pool Resurfacing Company”.

Do you want options?

Shape, depth and many features are not optional or adjustable with fiberglass.

Do you want your pool expier?

Gary Pools offers a Lifetime Structural Warranty.

Do you want a pool wider then 16′?

We can do that.

Do you have a design or style goals?

Many material selection and placments are posible with a gary Pool, while fiberglass typically feels manufactured.

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