If you’ve ever seen House Hunters, you know some home lots are “made” for a pool. Maybe this means a nice view of  rolling hills, or it’s secluded privacy and large oak trees. Either way, when building a new home it’s important to take time to consider the exterior and landscape goals you have for your new property. If you are considering putting in a pool there are a few key items to keep in mind that will help you save time and money in the future.                


Being able to get excavation equipment into the backyard is always a challenge in pool construction.  When planning to build your home make sure that they leave a path clear of improvements so that when you are ready, the pool excavation costs can be kept low.

Typically, the narrower the access the more costly the excavation. 

An ideal access path has 10′ of width and height and does not traverse any improvements. 

Equipment Requirements

The second most important aspect of the property is utilities and the proximity of the equipment to the pool.

Generally, the pool equipment should be less then 60 feet from the pool, the closer the better.

Running power after the house is built can be costly and unsightly, ask your builder to install a dedicated electrical feeder from the main panel for your pool equipment. Most pools need a 40-amp circuit 220 volts.

Gas, both natural or propane, are similar to electric- in that it is easier to manage during the home build. Gas heaters are typically 250K – 500K BTU in size. Also gas heaters must be installed in a safe location, so that the heater exhaust does not flow into the house.

Another recent and more popular consideration is a network drop. Many of our pools are now automated, and accessible via app. WIFI is an option, but a cabled Ethernet network connection is preferable.

Setting your goals and intentions can definitely make life easy on yourself by planing ahead when building your dream home. Gary Pools is happy to help you save time and money with your new home and pool. 

Common things to plan and prepare for are:

  • Access – Pool excavation equipment access.
  • Equipment location to pool
  • Electrical – Typical 40 Amp 220V
  • Gas – Typically 250K to 500K BTU
  • Ethernet – Nice to have

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