The "Maintenance Free Pool"

When you own a pool, it should be a joy; not a maintenance hassle. At Gary Pools we use the latest technologies and construction techniques to minimize all aspects of maintenance. Generally speaking we do the work, so you don’t have to!

When planning to build a new pool, we recommend considering the amount of time you are comfortable maintaining your investment and building your pool accordingly.

Our Maintenance Free Pool package delivers the lowest maintenance pool. Gary Pools offers a pool cleaning service at a discounted rate because our pools are so easy to clean. Buying a Gary Pools with the “Maintenance Free Package” as opposed to any other will cost nearly $50 less a month to maintain! 



Constant Circulation

When your filter pump circulates water, your pool is cleaned in two ways:


  1. Large debris floating on the surface of your pool are being collected by your skimmers. Opposed this debris would sink to the bottom.
  2. Small particles are being collected by your filter.

Over Sized Filter

If you double the size of your filter you effectively double the time between cleanings. A Gary Pools filter can make sure your pool stays clean and clear of debris.

Automatic Pool Cleaner

No low maintenance pool would be complete without an automatic pool cleaner. This is the simplest and most effective way to save your time. We commonly use a Polaris 280. 

Over Sized Skimmers

Your skimmers collect larger debris, and if the collection bag is small it must be emptied frequently.

As a result, at Gary Pools our skimmer is 5x larger the industry standard. In fact, we couldn’t find a skimmer off the shelf large enough so we custom manufacture ours. This feature reduces your skimmer maintenance from weekly to monthly in normal conditions.

Salt Chlorination

One of the biggest maintenance challenges is chemistry and specifically disinfectant, most commonly chlorine. As a result, for a trouble-free pool we recommend salt. Other methods of disinfecting a pool with chlorine require weekly or at least monthly maintenance, that includes physically buying and adding more chemicals. Alternatively a salt system can easily go a year without needing more salt and months between visual inspections.


Reach Out To Learn More And Start Planning Your New Pool

Gary Pools only offers these time and effort-saving practices to specific pools.  For conditions please speak to one of our Designers.

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