Leif Zars started Gary Pools in 1954 in San Antonio Texas. Over the years he created and many processes that are industry standards for Pools across America. He has designed and perfected lifesaving measures over the years while introducing his children to the family business. Over the last 64 years he over saw 22,000 + pool installations in and around San Antonio, truly an impressive feat for anyone in the construction trade! 

In 2018, Leif Zars II took over the management of Gary Pools from his father. He introduced new processing systems including state of the art job tracking and estimation, jobsite surveillance, inventory management and the latest in swimming pool designs. These changes help our projects to create better pools, more efficiently, on budget, and within our expected timeline. 

Leif Zars II has spent many years working under his father to learn the pool industry, including preforming manual labor with our excavation crew, producing estimates within our technical department and drafting new custom swimming pools for our design team.

The future is bright at Gary Pools, we have a fresh enthusiasm for excellence in our team and in our work. As a result, our relationships with our customers are stronger and more harmonious. Thanks to the increase in customer appreciation we have grown faster than any other pool company in the region over the last two years.


Gary Pools First 50 History Book

Reflecting on 50 years of Gary Pools, a great read if you want to get to know us better.