A Pool Structure that Exceeds Expectations

 The shell of your pool is similar to a home’s foundation; it’s the most critical and expensive part of a pool. 

Gary Pools is the #1 authority on pool structure. We pioneered the structure method used in more than 30,000 pools in and around San Antonio. Additionally, our Cantilever design works so well, it has been reproduced by other top pool builders in the area.

It’s likely a pool will be one of your most costly purchases, and therefore it’s not worth taking any risks when it comes to the structure and longevity of your pool. In fact, some pool companies won’t offer you a structural warranty if they have had a pool fail in your neighborhood. Rather than fixing their design they simply choose to avoid the area. 

Even worse are warranties that expire or are nontransferable. The average homeowner moves every 10 years, so their “Lifetime Warranty” is on average only a ten year warranty! Our warranty is transferable because we have confidence that our pool structure is built to last for generations. 

Structural Lifetime Warranty

The Gary Pools Structural Schedule is renowned for its excellent integrity. In 1961 Leif Zars designed a monolithic wall-to-walk cantilever structure, specifically designed to solve problems created by Texas’s expansive soil conditions.

Industry leading patents and major innovations allow us to give a Lifetime Structural Warranty. As an added value to your home, our warranty is transferable.

Cantilever Beam - A Better Design!

With better structural designs, our pools last longer and look better!

Eight Times Stronger!

In all soil & rock conditions the Cantilever design is superior to an ordinary Bond Beam.

With the Gary Pools Cantilever Structure,  you get so much more then with the traditional beam pool design. Even if you choose to only build half cantilever half beam, the advantages are still there. We have built all types of pools for over 65 years, so we’re ready to help you make the best decision for your backyard. 


Gary Advantages: 

  • 8x the strength of traditional beam structures
  • Doubles as a walkway
  • Insulates tile and coping from adjacent deck movement

Shotcrete - Wet-Mix 5,000 PSI Minimum!

Shotcrete is usually an all-inclusive term for both the wet-mix and dry-mix versions. In pool construction, however, shotcrete refers to wet mix and gunite to dry mix


The WetMix Shotcrete is superior to the DryMix Gunite Method. While both can have the same outcome DryMix Gunite is much riskier and requires the home owner to wet the curing pool shell for 7 days.

Gary Advantages: 

  • WetMix Shotcrete
  • We spec 5,000 PSI concrete,
  • Our pool have strong 8″ to 11″ thick walls & floors that make up the pool shell. That is 33% more than any builder that specs a 6″ thickness


Learn why we choose a Wet-Mix, and you should too!

Strong Steel for a Strong Pool

Steel is placed every 9″ to form a 9″ x 9″ reinforcing grid in all floors and walls, at a minimum. We use only #4 bars with a minimum yield strength of 60,000 pounds.

Steel is another critical strucutral componenet that we do not cut corners on. Rather then #3 bars (3/8 inch) we use #4 bars (4/8 inch or 1/2 inch), #4s are thicker and tougher to install, but it is worth it.

The thicker bars are harder to install in 6″ thin walls that other contracters may install. But with our 8″ thick walls we can palce the 1/2″ bars with plenty of cover.

And of coarse we only use galvanized reinforcing tie wires. We do this to reduce the chances of rust spots developing years down the road.

Gary Advantages: 

  • Steel #4 Bars 9″ O.C.
  • Galvanized reinforcing tie wires

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