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Shotcrete Wet-Mix

The best method for applying concrete to form your pool.

At Gary Pools we exclusively use the Wet-Mix Shotcrete process when building our pools. The main difference is in how and where the concrete is mixed.

The Wet-Mix method uses the same ready-mix concrete process as is used for home foundations, roadwork, and most everything else. The concrete is mixed at the batch plant via a highly controlled process and delivered in via large ready-mix trucks.

The Dry-Mix is unusual in that the mixing is done on-site, by the nozzleman. He adjusted the mix based on his experience, no real-time measurements are made, and the process is without assurances.

This can be a little confusing because many local pool builders don’t know the difference and call everything Gunite!

Our pools last a lifetime, and we can only make that happen with consistency in our concrete, so we build with Wet-Mix Shotcrete.

Swimming Pool Steve does a good job of breaking this down in a great video.


Shotcrete is usually an all-inclusive term for both the wet-mix and dry-mix versions. In pool construction, however, shotcrete refers to wet mix and gunite to dry mix

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